The American College of Legal Nurse Consulting is Playing Its Part to Help Fight Medical Malpractice

The American College of Legal Nurse Consulting is Playing Its Part to Help Fight Medical Malpractice
Posted on January 14th, 2023.

The institution’s continuing education program is helping to create Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Specialists.

Medical malpractice is not only one cause of death in America, but it also can lead to a lot of physical and psychological trauma in patients. With these cases rising rapidly. The American College of Legal Nurse Consulting, a division of the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc, is trying to make a difference. It offers a full continuing education curriculum that prepares Registered Nurses to become Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Specialists. 

As Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Specialists, professionals can review medical records, assess nursing care, and provide insight into the nursing and healthcare issues at the heart of a medical malpractice case. The comprehensive course helps them deal with cases such as Medical Malpractice Cases, both Plaintiff and Defense Cases, Product Liability Cases, Personal Injury Cases, and Worker’s Compensation Cases, among others.

Speaking on occasion, President and Executive Director Dominick L. Flarey said, “Thanks to their courses, a number of their alumni are already working as Legal nurse consultants in hospitals, hospices, and many other health care practice settings. They are now indispensable members of a medical malpractice attorney’s team. With their help, attorneys can build stronger cases and increase their chances of success.”

Besides helping attorneys, the course teaches professionals how to break down medical terms, identify errors in nursing and health care, and recommend ways for healthcare institutions to improve their care. Legal Nurse Consultants are in high demand and are being hired by Malpractice Attorneys, Insurance Companies, and Risk Management Companies. Moreover, many develop their own private independent Consulting Practices.

Upon successful completion of Legal Nurse Consultant Certification, students receive official Certification as Certified Specialists in Legal Nurse Consulting. The continuing education courses in Legal Nurse Consulting have approvals from nine State Boards of Nursing. Many other State Boards of Nursing do accept continuing education credits from the courses. 

The Legal Nurse Consulting Education and Certification program is open for enrollment to Registered Nurses, and the RNs can start the program at any time. The courses are all online in dedicated classrooms, with faculty mentoring as needed, and there are no travel requirements. 

Registered nurses who request additional information can contact them using the information mentioned below.

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